My qualifications

I am a Grade 6 DSA Approved Driving Instructor.

A DSA Approved Driving Instructor is one who is on the Register held by the Driving Standards Agency. To qualifiy, an instructor has to pass a challenging three-part exam, and reach and maintain the high standards required by the DSA.

The DSA regularly checks the standard of instruction of all their ADIs, by a DSA Supervising Examiner sitting in on a live lesson.

Instructors are graded:

  • An instructor who is grade 1 to 3 is still a trainee and has yet to fully qualify.
  • Grade 4 is is satisfactory
  • Grade 5 is a good overall standard
  • Grade 6 is the highest grade, and represents an excellent standard. Only 7% of instructors achieve this grade!

For more information about the DSA’s grading system, visit the DirectGov website.