Mock driving tests

offer mock driving tests in Surrey: Guildford, Aldershot, Farnham, and Godalming.

A mock driving test is a great way to prepare for the real thing. It can:

  • give you practice in the procedure – driving examiners give instructions in a particular way
  • help you become familiar with test areas
  • let you experience the pressures of a driving test
  • help reduce your nerves when you take the test for real.

Taking a driving test is really quite different from taking a lesson. Where your instructor will talk and guide you during a lesson, an examiner will sit in silence. A mock driving test will help you get used to this, so that it doesn’t feel so intimidating or offputting when you get to the real thing.

It’s also very useful to experience the test conditions in advance. Additionally, you may have to take your test in a different area from the one you are used to. I’ll make sure you cover a variety of road conditions and situations.

I usually like to give you at least two mock tests once I feel that you are sufficiently advanced. Usually the first will flag shortcomings in driving style that have to be remedied, and then a further test would be performed.