Motorway driving lessons

I teach motorway driving in Surrey: Guildford, Aldershot, Farnham, and Godalming.

It’s very common to feel nervous or uncertain about driving on the motorway. New drivers in particular tend to be concerned about motorway driving, as the conditions are so different from the ones they learned in, and the volume and speed of traffic so much higher than on other roads.

A few motorway driving lessons can really help you feel at ease. I will guide you through the specialist driving skills and procedures you need for motorway driving, and by the end you will feel comfortable and confident.

Here are some of the points I cover in motorway driving lessons:

  • Preparing your car for a motorway journey
  • Planning your route
  • Joining and exiting the motorway
  • How to use lanes correctly
  • How to change lanes correctly and safely
  • Safe overtaking
  • Safe distances to leave between you and other vehicles
  • Adjusting for the conditions
  • Motorway awareness
  • Taking breaks
  • What to do in an emergency

And much more. I can also adjust what I teach to make sure that the areas that you’re most concerned about are covered, so that you will leave our lessons feeling comfortable and confident.

Contact me to book your motorway driving lessons.

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